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11 Reasons Why Mums Are Incredible Human Beings

11 Reasons Why Mums Are Incredible Human Beings 415 311 David's

Giving Thanks to Mothers

Truthfully, we should celebrate our mothers every day – but it’s not always possible to call for a chat or drop by for a visit during our busy lives. Luckily, there is a day dedicated to appreciating the first woman we ever met. We thought we could remind you of a few reasons why mothers are so special and important when it comes to our identity, regardless of what day it is.

1. Mothers are inherently patient.

2. They make sure you always have the best view.

3. Mums know the difference between food you want and nutrients you need.

4. They know exactly how to cheer you up after a terrible day (and give the best hugs).

5. And they’ll always come to your rescue should you run into trouble.

6. A mum will always laugh at your jokes.

7. And when you are with her, you instantly feel at home.

8. Mums only have your best interests at heart.

9. She’s the only person who cares more about your appearance than you do.

10. Mums are almost always willing to share their meal with you, or give you leftovers – even when they’re not finished.

11. And most importantly, mums know how to gently reminder you how to do life properly.