“Things are good when new, and friends are good when old” ~ Chinese Proverb

Last Thursday night, David’s opened its doors. We had over 20 bloggers attend our re-launch which was really exciting and also a scary moment. Many of these bloggers had not been to David’s before and for them it was a new experience. One that they could not use to compare with the previous David’s and so we explained the process of change that occurred, and you could see that then that their eyes opened.

We are not a new restaurant. David’s has been established since 1999, and so the three week change was really a step away from our roots into something new, something exciting and something different but with the same heart.

At the launch David spoke about the stress of owning a restaurant especially in these times. Diners are more educated and more empowered in their choices in dining. They also want more than just food. They soak up the experience, the ambience, the music, and the brand. This was part of his head ache, as David merely wants to serve fresh, simple, food from the heart (and his grandma’s kitchen).

He drew a picture of an old hard-working man, constantly cleaning the tables, and wiping the dishes as he wiped the sweat off his brows. He would welcome hungry travelers as if his own family, humbly nourishing them with meals, and as they polished them up, he would bow and thank them, and that was it. “Thank you, bye bye, come again” with a toothless grin.

“That is all I think about with David’s” and hopefully, this is how we’ve tried to translate it. Simple. So that night was about welcoming new travellers in a new environment, feeding them and in the hope of making them old friends.

Thank you again to the bloggers and their old friends who came along to share in David’s journey.