If you’ve ever searched the #meanwhileinchina hashtag, you already know about some of the crazy stuff goes on there. But Mother Nature made sure China was keeping it weird well before hashtags — keep scrolling for some of the strange plant life that outdoes even the tallest stack of chairs tied to the back of a man riding a unicycle.

Buddhas Hand
This creepy-looking citrus doesn’t have much flesh or juice, but it has plenty of essential oil in the peel. In China, people will sometimes carry these plants with them or display them in their homes as token of good luck and happiness.
Source: HV Garden Journal

Davids_Garden_Buddhas Hand

Black Batflower
You wouldn’t want to meet this flower in a dark garden. Not only is it spooky-looking, it can also cause spontaneous bowel movements…
Source: Tumblr

Davids_Garden_Chinese Black Batflower

Fleece Flower Root
The verdict is out on whether or not the root of this fleece flower actually takes on the shape of a human body. It feels like a hoax, but trustworthy Chinese farmers swear they dig them up this way. Your call!
Source: Shuangxingfu

Davids_Garden_Fleece Flower Root

Chinese Paper Lanterns
This stunning flora is native across Asia and even some areas of Europe. The flowers have a thin, papery skin and as it ages, it becomes the intricate case you see here.
Source: Flickr

Davids_Garden_Chinese Paper Lanterns

Golden Lotus Banana
This native Chinese plant isn’t actually related to the lotus, but it resembles a giant, golden version of one. It stays in bloom for up to 250 days and is considered sacred by Buddhist monks of tropical Yunnan.
Source: Flickr

Davids_Garden_Golden Lotus Banana