China’s Fashion History and Modern Street Style

China’s Fashion History and Modern Street Style

China’s Fashion History and Modern Street Style 746 498 David's

Photo: Laia Magazie

Elaborate embroidery, fine silks, vibrant dying and meticulous weaving – these are all traits associated with traditional Chinese fashion. Through thousands of years of dynasties, the people of China have placed great importance on garment aesthetics. Quality and presentation have always been crucial, but no more crucial than the overall appearance of the wearer. Particular attention has been paid to hair, with men and women styling their locks into the fashionable ‘look’ of each era.

Chinese society has placed so much importance on appearance because fine clothing, along with cuisine and written language, is a way to set their culture apart from others. In fact they shunned certain fabrics, like wool, because it was the material of choice for ‘uncivilised’ animal-herding nomads.

Today, the fashion of China falls somewhere between the traditional and the mass-produced modern. Scrolling through photos of Chinese street style, it’s easy to see that China has maintained its fondness for detail, with prints, unique cuts and accessorising common threads across a variety of looks.

Mouth-watering photos of Chinese food are generally our favourite, but street-style photography comes a close second. We wanted to give you a taste of style from China’s city streets, so we’ve plucked a few of our favourite snaps from Chinese fashion blogs, interweb-wide.

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