David’s, the comeback kid of Melbourne dining, has regained its mojo with a fresh focus on its Shanghainese roots – The menu is certainly not short of crowd-pleasers but there’s no feeling of dumbing down or compromised authenticity  – The Australian Gourmet Traveller

These Simple steamed glutinous rice dumplings filled with white chocolate are a lovely alternative to chocolate and cream – SBS Feast Magazine

The new look seems to be working . a visitor to Melbourne from shanghai left with these parting words “You have made this place so familiar, it’s like being back home” – The weekly review

The delights of the menu far outweigh the occasional duds. And with this upbeat mood, keen pricing and newly schmick interiors, David’s could well be with us for another 15 years. – The weekly review

Yum cha – curative or starter -at this Prahran stalwart signals that the weekend has landed – Herald Sun

Among the gourmands of Melbourne, David’s is once again on the tips of tongues following a recent renovation – Dishes like his ‘Grandma’s 8’ – a spicy Shanghai medley of scallop, shrimp, pork, chicken, chestnut, cashew, bamboo and shitake – are a David’s exclusive because they come from his grandmother’s imagination as opposed to a cookbook – FRV Travel

“It’s hard to decide what to order, so we asked David to give us some background on his top five favourite dishes” – Agenda

“David’s is already proving to be a hit with its new look and its many devotees” – The Weekly Review

“It’s all about keeping the simplicity and executing it perfectly”– broadsheet

“David Zhou’s pursuit of constant improvement and reinvention will ensure that David’s remains one of Melbourne’s premier Chinese restaurants for many years to come”– Gastro-logy

“Coated in modern white, exuding that welcoming Melbournian buzz, the restaurant shed its previous old Shanghai feel and embraced a hip and contemporary new look. What remained the same is the vast array of fresh, choice dumplings and their exquisite flavours”– cecylia

“Grandma’s 8, a rich and flavoursome medley of scallops, prawns, pork, chicken, chestnuts, cashews, bamboo and shitake mushrooms.”– Sew Delicious

“Spicy Beef with white radish and cucumber. Mmmm this was delicious! My favourite dish of the night. I love the spicy, sour, salty and sweet, tender pieces of gravy beef and big delicious chunks of ginger, radish and cucumber.”– lachinvasion

“It emphasizes honest, homely food, ‘usually reserved for shanghai locals’”– Melbourne Dining Experiences

“ticks all The Chommery’s boxes. Go forth and enjoy”– The Chommery

“It’s not just a reno, but a revolution, a new direction,” Zhou says. “It’s like eating with the family.”– The Age

“To be able to find David’s tucked away in Cecil Place and indulge yourself in simple yet delicious familiar food is something of a treasure in itself. “– Melludee