Wednesday 27th July

6.30pm – 9.30pm

A Winter Night in Shanghai

Join us at David’s for a Winter Night in Shanghai. 

Food is the glue of Shanghainese culture, whether it’s a simple dish from a hole-in-the-wall in the suburbs, or a decadent meal at a posh Shanghai restaurant with a view of the city’s famous skyline.  

Eating in Shanghai is a communal affair and traditionally, it’s always meant to be shared. When going out for dinner in Shanghai, several dishes will be ordered and shared between all the guests, in true family style. 

Over the years, what remains the same in the food is the emphasis on flavor, color and taste. Fresh, seasonal ingredients dictate what’s on a Shanghai menu. For one night only, we will be exploring a Winter’s Night in Shanghai. 


Chilled Soy Braised Kou Fu with shiitake mushrooms & lily flower in sweet soy
Sichuan Chicken Wontons in Chilli Oil
Prawn-filled Chinese Donuts


Char Siu with Red Wine Maple Syrup Sauce + Puffed Rice Cake
Crunchy Barramundi with Ginger Scallion Sauce + Garlic Shoots
12-hour Pork Bone Broth Congee with Baby Scallop
Steamed Rice


Yuzu Cream Mille-Feuille


8 dishes $82pp (optional +$38pp with paired wines)